Seriously…toe cleavage! So silly…I love it!

“The secret of toe cleavage, a very important part of the sexuality of the shoe; you must only show the first two cracks.” Manolo Blahnik

Please be warned…I’m letting my silliness take over today.

I’ve been away from my computer for three days. Outrageous! Not like me at all. However, discoveries have been made. Yesterday, a lady in a shoe shop said to me, “Yes, and there’s no toe cleavage with this pair. They look really nice on.” My brain immediately went… “what tha? Toe cleavage!…Oh…I get it!”

Toe Cleavage! This is a new term for me. Does this make me the live-under-a-rock, untrendy, outcast type? Am I really the last to hear of ‘toe cleavage’? Maybe! I googled it. Hundreds of cleavage flashing feet popped into my browser. “Seriously…’toe cleavage’ is real?” Gobsmacked!

This got me thinking about what makes for clever writing. Some writers put just the right words together to create sentences that leave readers salivating for more. I’m not so much talking about the draw of a tantalising plot, but more about what makes the words themselves leave an impression on the reader. It’s different for everyone of course. I may value prose that is handcrafted with so much expression and descriptive imagery that it feels like poetry. Whereas you personally may prefer a no-fuss writing style that gets to the point of the story without dragging a reader through imagery and circumstance before the climax and point is finally reached. Personally, I’m an in-between girl. I want the occasional beautiful metaphor that makes my thoughts exhale and say “Oh…how creative”, but I don’t want ‘story’ to be sacrificed for craftsmanship either. Does that make sense to anyone but me?

So…why am I so taken with the idea of ‘toe cleavage’? Is the term even a little bit creative? I thought so when I first heard it. And…in contrast, I felt the exact opposite about the word ‘twerking’ when I first heard it days ago when Miley recently enlightened the world. A wordsmith is always on the prowl for clever and creative use of word. So why is ‘toe cleavage’ okay with me and the super popular term ‘twerking’ isn’t?

For me it comes back to imagery and cleverness. The term ‘toe cleavage’ is sassy and creates an immediate image of toes bulging from a low cut shoe in the same way a women’s breasts bulge from her bra. It’s a bit of fun and there’s an element of creative cleverness there. Someone made a clever, but unlikely connection. In contrast, whoever coined the term ‘twerking’ simply invented a catchy word by squashing two others ‘twisting’ and ‘jerking’ together. Not a lot of thought went in, but ‘twerking’ has become synonymous with ‘fun’ regardless.

As a writer I need to take inspiration from these little epiphanies, too. Popular isn’t always clever and creative. Clever and creative takes time, a little thought and an eye that is willing to look for fresh new perspectives in old and sometimes smelly places (…like feet).

Seriously…toe cleavage! So silly…I love it!
Keep smiling.