My Writer’s Journal: 1,542 words and counting

1,542 words and counting

Today I’m committing to a new writing project. I started writing what I will here call, ‘Chargers’, a couple of weeks ago, but of course, as a wannabe writer (in contrast to being a…real writer), I lost faith in myself and gave up. Since then, however, I guts-up and handed my words onto someone with expertise on reviewing and evaluating prose fiction. Their response:

“Really engaging from the first sentence. Great rhythm and I want to keep reading, so write the rest!”

So…maybe it’s time to finally start seeing myself as a writer. I have 1,542 words in the can (i.e. fully edited and ready to ship) and probably another 90,000 or more to write.

I found this quote and it drives my engine…”Don’t settle for quiet desperation. Work well and lead the life of possibility you were meant to live.”

Wish me luck!

***You may wonder why all the secrecy…I call myself X, I’m not prepared to give away my full book title, my gavatar is a cute pink pig, and my web link begins with anonymousblogging000.

Call it caution, call it finding solace in anonymity or call it something else entirely. But please don’t dis my secrecy; I’m guarded by nature. I highly respect and appreciate the openness some bloggers commit to. Please be assured, I would tell you more if I could…


2 thoughts on “My Writer’s Journal: 1,542 words and counting

  1. I too lost my faith in writing for a while and then jumped back on the wagon much later. I’m so glad I did begin writing again. Writing isn’t so much about “making it” out there in the world, but for me it’s about an escape and watching my own words lift right off the page. Good luck in your writing! Never give it up! 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I needed to hear this. Yes, I feel the same way about writing…it’s for me. The feeling is spectacular when something you have handcrafted and nurtured finally feels finished. Good luck with your writing too.
      P.S. Just had a quick look around your blog. Very visual. Love it. Will be following.

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