About X

I’m a single mum, writer and teacher by trade. I’m old enough to scowl a little if you ask me my age, but young enough to round the dreaded number down to thirty not up to thirty-five. The crows feet round my eyes give me away. It’s become normal to expect a new crinkle and wrinkle. Damn not starting with the morning and night facial routine when I was younger. Damage is done, but I like to think I’ve got a few foxy years left in me.

I am hinged to my life by family and friends. My family and friends are my true north and give me direction and guidance, and so many reasons to smile. I pride myself on trying to be the energy in the room. A smile or a snappy comment can pep up the dullest of days. I’m not the hippy type, but ‘share the love!’. Too many #*>#&* things have happened to not treasure opportunities when they arise.

My ideal days would involve either writing from dawn to dusk, or doing something a little outrageous with my family in tow. I’m not a big hobbies person. I don’t really have time. Though I guess I better tell you that I’m a chocoholic! If you can leave chocolate rather than comments or likes, I’d appreciate that more! I’m a fairly balanced eater generally, but I could become horribly obese on chocolate if my willpower wasn’t as sturdy as it is.

I adore taking my daughter J, rock climbing and to the movies. Oh…and shopping! The favourite past-time of all teen girls. My J isn’t a princess who cares more about her hair than inhaling her next breath, but I do get a kick out of her fantastic dress sense and reel of vibrantly painted fingernails. What a delight it is being J’s mum. The shape of our love is seamless and ever evolving. Motherhood is the best fulltime job ever, and I swear, I’m not just saying it. I love it to bits!!!!

And I suppose my writing is a hobby, but I’m working on making it more. This is what this blog is about…bring on CHANGE! I love teaching. I truly do, but as soon as my eyes open in the morning, I’m scripting lines or re-evaluating a character’s motivations. A whole universe already exists there in my head. Finding the time and words to describe the aesthetics and players, is the challenge. Does this need make me mental or creative? Don’t answer that. I already know the answer. A bit of both.

Sun’s just come up. I think I’ll go and try to avoid another block of chocolate.

To learn more about me, read my first blog:

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